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Simple Guide to Balancing Blood Sugar

Keeping blood sugar in target range is one of the best things for cardiovascular health, better energy, improved mood, mental clarity, and more. This guide will help you understand the benefits along with the basics on how to begin balancing blood sugar so you can start feeling your absolute best - from what’s on your plate to ways to reduce stress.

Nutrition Guide to The Mediterranean Diet

Learn about one of the oldest diets in the world, shown to promote overall health and cardiovascular function as well as many other benefits. With a key focus on overall nutrient-dense food, the Mediterranean diet emphasizes an abundance of plant foods, moderation, and food as a communal, shared experience!

Nutrition Guide to Protein

There are so many benefits to incorporating protein into your diet! This guide explores those benefits and provides ideas for enjoying a variety of well-sourced protein sources along with tips on how to meet your protein needs.

Balanced Breakfasts Guide

The first meal sets the tone for the day! This free guide provides nutritious recipe ideas including ones that you can prepare days ahead, along with tips for enjoying a balanced breakfast.

Gratitude Journal

Start a gratitude practice this month with the help of our free easy-to-use gratitude calendar. Research shows that giving thanks can help to sleep better, lower stress, and improve relationships. In addition, it may be a mood lifter! We recommend printing it out and keeping it on your nightstand or on your refrigerator so it’s easy to complete!

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