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Wellness in Balance

Mirbeau Balanced is designed for people who believe that wellness means health of body and mind and who seek out enjoyment in life.

The team of instructors behind Mirbeau Balanced united with a powerful sense of purpose: To support the health and wellbeing of our members and friends during a time of uncertainty. This underlying motivation has grown stronger and it continues to inspire our virtual program development encompassing all aspects of a balanced wellness program.

Female preforming yoga stretches on yoga map

Join in Anytime, Anywhere.

Couple preforming yoga stretches together

In addition to a collection of classes aimed towards feeling good, the convenience and accessibility of joining both live-stream and on-demand classes with your favorite instructors from your home or anywhere makes it even easier to maintain a health routine that will stand the test of time.


No matter your age or past experiences, you’ve likely never experienced anything quite like Mirbeau Balanced to inspire a commitment to your health and well-being.

Female preforming yoga stretches

The Power of Connection

Female interacting with laptop during virtual fitness class

The Mirbeau Balanced virtual community seeks to connect healthy like-minded individuals with knowledgeable instructors and also with each other. 


The difference lies in the program's design, which creates opportunities to support our members along their wellness journey. Members may ask questions to instructors or they may just enjoy taking a class with a teacher who knows their name.


For guidance with a specific wellness goal may Book a Virtual Appointment with one of our experienced instructors.

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