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4-Week Health Challenge 2.0
Starting November 7th

Transition to the new year with a Coach and a Team who will set you on the path to your best self!

The Virtual 4-Week Health Challenge 2.0 features enhanced accountability and ongoing support through private messaging with your Coach throughout the week, goal setting, phone calls, photo food journaling, metrics and fitness tracking using Healthie, an easy-to-use and secure wellness platform.

This program is designed to help you stay on track when life gets in the way. If you don't know where to begin to improve your health, this will give you the motivation to start making changes! The difference lies in understanding goal setting and the science behind shifting behavior. The 4-Week Health Challenge 2.0 provides individual guidance for each participant to improve overall wellness based on seven dimensions of health. This integrative approach includes the full spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, and occupational factors that influence your health to create a plan that leaves no stone unturned and is unique to your needs and lifestyle.


Have questions? To schedule a free 15-min consultation with a Wellness Expert at Mirbeau Balanced, click here.

Upcoming dates for Challenge: Dec. 5

As part of this 4-Week Challenge, participants receive:
• Individual pre and post evaluations
• Weekly one-on-one coaching calls
• Weekly group call

• Private group access

• Text messaging with your Coach

• Metrics/fitness tracking, photo food journal, goal setting with Healthie app
• Plus entry to over 80 live-stream classes weekly and entire video-on-demand library

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Debbie Bobbett
Health Coach & Exercise Physiologist

Debbie Bobbett has a BS in Exercise Science and Master’s in Health Education. She is an ACSM Personal Trainer and Cancer Exercise Specialist. Debbie has worked in corporate fitness and taught at clinics, hospitals and universities.


Debbie is the Wellness Manager at our Mirbeau Skaneateles location. As a Personal Trainer for over 25 years, she has succeeded in making a difference in the lives of many people, both to reboot a routine or to begin an entirely new health journey.

Robyn                                         Debbie


Join the Health Challenge on or before Monday, October 31st for only $259!

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{ Regular Price: $299 }

One-on-one evaluation and appointments are scheduled individually with each participant. Group calls occur Wednesdays 7:00pm on Zoom. Upon registration, access to private Facebook group is granted. Space is limited to ensure personalized attention. Minimum enrollment required. Join on-site and receive a discounted one-month membership at the Mirbeau location closest to you. Please email us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view this 4-Week Health Challenge FAQ for additional information.